The European Union, including its Member States, is the world’s largest donor to global poverty alleviation and economic development. DSW’s “Euroresources” project is the only current, comprehensive and easy-to-use source of information on European funding for global programmes and services. These online learning toolkits are designed to cover different aspects of resource mobilization. The curriculum is focused on accessing funding from European donors and in particular the European Commission. Nonetheless, the techniques and approaches covered in the training will build resource mobilization skills needed for successful resource mobilization also from other donors, including private foundations.

These resource mobilisation training sessions form part of a wider curriculum based on DSW’s expertise in influencing, accessing and applying for funds from European donors and funds managed by the European Commission and EU delegations.The sessions aim at building these skills and have been developed and tested over several years as part of DSW’s Euroleverage project which aims at increasing available funds from European donors for family planning, while building the capacity of CSOs to access them. DSW will continue to deliver trainings, workshops and provide other technical assistance in addition to this curriculum.

Session Overview